It’s that age-old question, one that’s kept people awake for centuries: which is better, slot machines or the online versions you can play from home? OK, so it’s not that old of a question (slot machines themselves are barely over a hundred years old), but it’s still one that’s asked so it’s worth trying to get answer! Since the technology has evolved over the years, the difference between online slots and physical slot machines for gameplay has become largely dependent on the parts involved. Since both use a Random Number Generator for the reels and share the art and design style, the experience becomes very similar with the most notable difference being where you have to sit to play. So, with that in mind, we’ve put our heads together with and come up with a few key areas of comparison.

The is probably going to be the online slots nearly every single time. Unless you live above or inside a casino, it’s going to take you longer to travel to the casino and get your money changed for chips than it will to log in to your account and just start playing. Maybe if you don’t have internet at home and don’t want to be sitting on someone’s free Wi-Fi in public just playing slots, then the land casino wins for convenience but that’s probably about it. That’s not even taking into account having to sit and wait for a machine to be free which is really only a problem at land based casinos.

Winner: Online!

You’d think that online slots would use the most up to date technology in their games and… yoooou could well be right, depending on the criteria you’re using. As it’s online, there is a certain amount of tech that it has to use in order to be functional. But the surprise contender here is the land-based casinos. The units themselves can use all the extra space they have to improve the experience with features like stereoscopic 3D and bonus mini-games that can’t be properly recreated online with the limited space. There’s also the fact that land based casinos tend to get new games first before the online version gets adapted.

Winner: Real!

Gambling Fun
This is really the crux of the whole question; do you have more fun playing online slots or at a real slot machine? This is entirely down to you as an individual and what you’re looking for out of the games. Given the game experience is going to be largely the same it becomes more about whether you like playing at home or playing in the casino environment. So then it becomes whether you find it more fun to slot the coins in yourself or to have an easy button press to get the wheels spinning. For our deciding point, this unfortunately is largely subjective, So the age old question remains without a definitive answer… but maybe you have your own answer.