You are on this website. We know that you love betting. You probably have a few bets each week. This is great and all, but the problem with betting is that unless you are willing to take a massive risk (and that comes up trumps) your winnings are going to be quite slim. So, what if we told you there was a way in which you could boost the amount of money that you win from gambling for only a small extra amount of effort? Let us introduce you to the world of slots!

What are online slot machines?

You have probably have had a few bets on a fruit machine, yes? Well, online slot machines are the same as that…sort of. Imagine that somebody has given about ten bottles of Lucozade to a fruit machine (also imagine that you can’t make those things wet and that the excess amount of glucose in the Lucozade can have an impact on the slot). Video slots are like this. Fruit machines with a lot more energy. Tons of features. More opportunities to win.

If you have never played an online slot machine before, and we know that many of the people reading this website have never played one, then you are in for one of the most exciting rides of your life. You get to play an exceedingly fun game and can win some more cash.

Why play online slot machines?

The reason we play them, and why many of the people at play them, is to have fun. It is nice that you can win a bit of money, but these are games. There is a thrill every time that you spin the reels. You are encapsulated by the amount of fun that you can have in the game. Honestly, we find betting on a slot machine some of the most fun gambling you can do (outside of sport betting, don’t worry!)

The main reason people play slot machines is because they want to increase the amount of money that they win from their sport betting. For example; let’s say you bet on Manchester United to win. For simplicity’s sake, they are priced at 3/1. You lump a £1 on them, probably because your mortgage is due and you don’t have that much money left but you see this as an easy win.

You bet £1. Manchester United win, you get your £3.00. So a £2.00 profit. You could withdraw this if you wanted. You could lump it all on a different bet. What should you do? Well, let’s assume you are about to play a slot.

The slot machine is priced at 20p per spin. With your £3.00, you now have 15 spins on that slot machine. If the stars align (and it really does not take a lot for the stars to align, trust us), you can suddenly turn your £3.00 into maybe £10-£20. Would you not prefer to withdraw that from your account than your £3.00? We know that we would!

Go beyond this, and you could bet your money on a progressive slot machine. This could give you millions of pounds (yes, very unlikely) on your £3.00 bet. We don’t know about you, but we do like the risk here.

Sure, you are not guaranteed to win on a slot machine. If you were, online casinos would go out of business incredibly quickly, but the chances are far higher than you may think. Many of the top online slots offer a ‘return to player’ of somewhere in the region of 98%. This is an astonishing amount. You don’t get this when you are sport betting!

How to Choose a Slot Machine?

We are going to leave that to to tell you, mainly because they are much better placed than we are. All you really need to think about is the following:

  • The return to player i.e. what the house edge is. The higher the RTP, the better.
  • The volatility of the machine e.g. how often the machine pays out and the size of the wins.
  • The theme of the game. You need to have fun while you are playing, right?

Why not head on over to their website today to get a feel for the plethora of games that you can jump into? Hundreds of slot machines. Make sure you choose the right one!