Reduce you exposure with our Liability Calculator, occasionally you may not want to green up your bets perfectly. For example, if you’re 80% sure that horse is gonna romp home you might only want to reduce your exposure on a bet by a small percentage. If that’s the case you use the Liability Calculator slider to see how much you should Stake to, at least, cover your Liabilty, while risking an appropriate percentage of your potential profit.
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Here’s how the calculator works…

  • Enter your Stake (Example 5.00 don’t use $ or £ symbols), then enter the back odds and the lay odds.
  • Choose whether you have already Backed and now wish to Lay or already Layed and now wish to Back.
  • Click on and move the grey slider pointer along the line where you see 20%, 30%, 40% etc.
  • The output shows the amount you need to stake to either cover your Liability, or your Liability and all of your potential profits.