Reasons To Join Betfair

  • New Customers Welcome Bonus

  • Cash Out Options

  • Bet on a horse or team to Lose!

  • Sports Betting, Casino, Poker

  • In-running betting

Traditionally you could only back a horse to win. However, with Betfair Exchange you can now ‘Lay’ a runner, which means you can now back a horse to lose a race.

In a ten-horse race there can only be one winner, statistically speaking the chances of picking a loser is far greater than backing a winner. Here’s an example of it works: you’re checking out the form guide and notice that a real donkey is running in the 2.30 at Haydock, you go to Betfair, click on Horse Racing, find the Haydock race and see all the runners in the 2.30. Next to the horse name that you think has got no chance of winning you’ll see two buttons, one to back and one to lay (bet against it winning) you click the lay button, enter your stake and Betfair automatically matches you with another person who thinks this donkey is a real winner.

If that donkey goes onto win you pay out his winnings at the odds you’ve agreed, if the horse loses you win and you get to keep the other person’s stake.

And you can do the same with football matches. If you think Man United will beat Liverpool, then why not ‘Lay’ Liverpool instead of backing United. By laying Liverpool you’ll still win the bet even if the match ends in a draw.

Betfair is a fantastic site and once you can get used to how it works then you are most definitely on to a winner. And if you thought they only catered for the horses then you’d be wrong. There is a whole host of games that can have a bet on including Cricket, Rugby, Baseball and Greyhound racing to name but a few. Betfair typically offers new UK customers free bets when they join online.