Regardless of what they play, nobody likes losing. It is not a pleasant experience and it is even worse when losing actually costs you money like in poker. Not only is it unpleasant, losing money can have massive effect on a poker player's psyche and quickly send them into a spiral of despair and tilt.

Everyone, whether using the Betfair promo codes or not, tilts and anyone who says they do not is lying. Even the every best players in the world will tilt from time to time , though admittedly, they will handle it much better than the majority of their peers. The biggest problem with going on tilt is that you are no longer fully in control of your emotions and as a result you can and will play much more recklessly, which in turn causes heavier losses and the tilt continues. It is a vicious circle and one that has seen many bankrolls decimated in a fraction of the time it has taken to build them.

Those over at note that one sure fire way of preventing tilt from taking your hard-earned money is to set yourself a stop loss, an amount of money that once you have lost you simply log off until and take a break for how ever long it takes to regain your full composure. If you are a tight player then your stop loss amount should be much lower than say a loose-aggressive player playing the same stakes.

Personally I have a stop loss, when playing cash games, that comes into force once I have lost three buy-ins and if I lose that amount of money I simply finish the hands on my tables, turn off the software and take a break of anything between an hour and full day or two, depending on how badly I feel the losses have affected me and the manner in which I lost them. Sometimes I take losing quite well but on other occasions I can feel the dreaded tilt sneaking up on me and it is these times that a stop loss is vitally important. Before employing one I have destroyed several bankrolls by trying to chase losses or simply playing whilst angry and not fully focusing. Also, setting stop losses helps to instill some discipline into your game as you have to physically stop playing yourself, which sometimes is much harder to do than you would like to think!