MMA is the fastest growing section of the gambling world. Earlier, it used to be football, basketball, and baseball, but now, it is all about MMA betting. With the increasing popularity, even the ways to make money through betting on the UFC and other leagues have been amplified. On an initial level, people assume that the most common form of UFC betting is by placing wager on the winning fighter, but the reality is far different. This is only the initial part of the game as there are more complex offers available for the professional bettors. Have a look at the same:

 Money Line/ Match Betting

The money line is the simplest form of betting that requires you to guess the winner of the game. The correct pick lets you win against all the odds. In this case, the potential profit can be

low if the favorite has the low paying odds. Still, it has its place among the daily bettors and is assumed to be the most popular betting technique.

 Parlay Betting

Parlay Betting is a series of match bets where you have to bet on a fighter for multiple rounds. In order to win, act smart with the fighter selection. Usually, throwing one underdog with two heavy favorite will offer more value on long odds. For some, it appears to be quite risky, yet the return on profit is higher than you would have imagined. The interesting part is parlay increases the odds value. However, first, you will have to master the straight bets, shift to doubles, and then to the parlays.

Round Betting

Make a bet on the round you think the match will end at. Technically, the odds you receive here are higher than any other betting. Especially, if you are betting on the under, it is recommended to go for the round one as the outcome here will be more lucrative than any other option. The good thing about this betting is – most of the sportsbook offer a chance to bet on the fighter that will win in that specific round and that offers even larger potential payouts.

Round Betting types:

  • Basic Round bet
  • Round Bet + fight winner
  • Round bet + fight winner + method of victory

 Over/Under MMA Betting

The over/under betting is based on sportsbook and you have to bet whether the round will run longer or shorter. Generally, these three-round leads to 2.5 rounds, so this will be your bet. The sportsbook doesn't support the push bets, hence the uneven numbers are like 2.5 rounds. To win the bet, it is important to study the previous games as it will help you determine the traits of the players. The over/under can never be taken easily and if you are going for it, make sure you follow the chart given below:

  • Defensive vs. Defensive – go with the over
  • Aggressive vs. Aggressive – go with the under
  • Aggressive vs. Defensive – Uncertain

MMA Prop Betting

The most exotic ones in the list that somewhat focuses on the details of the fight. The most popular prop bets are:

  • Method of victory
  • Round Bet
  • Points handicap
  • FOTN awards
  • Fight to go to the Distance

Start practicing from the first one and master your way to the most complex MMA Betting.